F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions).

   What does "OEM" mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In the case of ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges, OEM refers to the product made by the manufacturer of the printer. Examples would be companies such as HP, Epson, Canon and Lexmark.

   What does "Generic" or "Compatible" mean?

Generic or Compatible inkjet cartridges or laser toner cartridges are manufactured by a company other than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of that specific printer. There should be no difference in the quality or performance. In fact, if an OEM manufacturer produces cartridges that are compatible with printers other than its own, it is also considered a "Generic" or "Compatible." Ecotoner sell generic and compatible cartridges using inks and toners that are manufactured in the USA. Our cartridges are assembled in ISO 9001 production facilities.

   What does Replacement or "Remanufactured cartridge" mean?

Replacement ink cartridges and toner cartridges are manufactured by a company other than the original manufacturer of the printer. The replacement cartridges should be of the same quality and performance as the OEM version.
A Remanufactured cartridge is the original OEM inkjet cartridge or laser toner cartridge that has been professionally cleaned, refurbished, refilled with quality ink or toner and tested by the manufacturer. A toner cartridge which has been properly remanufactured, with crucial components, such as drums and blades, replaced and which has been properly tested, may be remanufactured several times.

   Will using a replacement or remanufactured laser toner cartridge or inkjet cartridge void my Warranty?

The warranty on your printer cannot be voided by the manufacturer because you use non-OEM inkjet cartridges or toner cartridges. A consumer has the right to purchase less-expensive cartridges without intimidation from printer manufacturers. If your printer manufacturer threatens to void the printer warranty for this reason, it is subject to legal action by you, the consumer, by the replacement cartridge manufacturer.

   Is the quality of Ecotoner inks and toners the same as the original manufacturer's?

Ecotoner use superior quality inks made in the USA. Our inks are all printer specific and are thoroughly tested at the factory with brand name printers to insure vibrant color output.
Ecotoner produces high quality toner cartridges. We disassemble, replace parts, refill with toner and test each cartridge to ensure that it equals or exceeds OEM standards.

   Why do brand name "OEM" inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges cost so much money?

Brand name companies generate very little profit from the sale of their printers. In order to make up for the small profits on printer sales, these companies establish high pricing for inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges. Most brand name printer companies generate most of their profits from the sale of printer consumables such as ink cartridges and toner cartridges.
Through market research, the brand name companies realize that the average consumer will spend $150 - $900 or more each year on cartridges. As an example, a color printer may only cost $129, but purchasing 1 each black and color cartridge could cost $50 or more.

   What is a "drill" and "fill"?

Exactly what it sounds like - drilling a hole in a toner cartridge and refilling it with toner. A similar process is used to refill ink cartridges with “do it yourself” ink refill kits. Ecotoner does not sell "drill and fill" cartridges. Our toner cartridges are produced by professional engineers and technicians who test cores and components for structural integrity, clean empties to OEM standard, replace major components (such as drums and blades), refill with toner and test again before packaging to ensure a product which meets quality standards.
Ecotoner compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges are produced in our ISO 9001 quality tested manufacturing facilities with state of the art equipment for production of quality compatibles, testing empties to be remanufactured and sophisticated ink filling and refilling equipment. Our quality is why corporations, school districts, local government and many end-users buy from us again and again.

   What is "ECOBON"?

Ecobon is a bonus system for our customers, where each customer gets for purchases Ecobons which he can redeem any time for nice prices. Registration is easy – via Internet or in the store. Your Ecobon points will be added to your account automatically. You can register as company or independently as a person and get the reward for yourself.

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